Jayaprada Accused Azam Khan Distributed Her Nude Pictures


Politics has already touched rock bottom in our country. Most of the people washes its hand from it and left it be a gutter to remain so. Going by what happened in the recently held general elections of 2009, it is really ugly. Azam Khan is a powerful general secretary of Samajwadi party (SP) in UP. In last lok shabha election, Azam Khan himself supported the candidature of yesteryear flim personality Jayaprada. But this time not sure what is the issue he did not wanted Jayaprada to be the SP candidate from Rampur constituency. On the other hand Jayaprada had the support of Amar Singh, another SP general secretary. SP chief Mulyam Singh looked helpless but he approved the candidature of Jayaprada. Bitterness reached such a level that Azam Khan also worked against his own party candidate and supported Congress candidate Noor Bano from Rampur. 

But what made it very ugly was when nude poster of Jayaprada surfaced in Rampur. Jaya accused Azam Khan and his supporters of the doings. She also made a complaint in this regard to the election commissioner. Later she claimed even CDs were released. To an interview on a leading english channel she was almost crying. Eventually Jayaprada won from Rampur. Jayaprada used the plot to good use and might have generated good sympathy for her. I heard that Jayaprada did some work for the constituency which is a plus. 

She was film personality and might have had a colorful life. But that does not mean that someone will distribute nude pictures. May be morphed or god knows. To check the nude image, click here

Check some pictures of Jayaprada from recent days: